Trip along the River

**written Oct 24th by Cindy**
We are spending the night at Nasir on the Sobat river. We are staying at an Adventist Development and Relief Agency place in big tents with 2 beds and a fan for when they turn on the generator. They make meals which are served in a little building, there is an outside shower in the sun or stars and an outhouse. We had good meetings with the church here.

Cindy sharing

We shared some this afternoon and I shared from Joshua 1:1-9. I asked if anyone could share a time when they were afraid and one guy shared this:

“I was running from the soldiers during the war and jumped into a large bush to hide. Inside the bush was a snake! I had to choose to stay with the snake or get captured or killed by the soldiers. He ended up staying with the snake. He kept watching the snake and the soldiers. Eventually it turned dark so he could escape without being seen.”

They have incredible stories of life and depending on God. I had 4 people share their stories of God’s provision so we should be writing those down some day.

In Doma with mosquito tent bed

Last night we stayed in a village on the way here. Our trip on the river took longer than expected. We stopped briefly at two places with Covenant churches – we have to report at various villages to the police so they know who is traveling. We left Malakal at 9:30AM and at 8PM still had a few more hours to go. We stopped to check in at one village and they said that we have to overnight there because they have heard reports of insecurity further down the river after dark. There was a Covenant church there so we stayed in the pastors house and everyone else stayed at the church compund, sleeping outside. We both slept in our net tent on their bed with a thin foam. It was fair sleeping but at least all the mosquitoes couldn’t get us! We left at 6:15 this AM so are tired tonight. We leave for Akobo tomorrow. This is quite a trip!

The river is beautiful, a bird watcher’s paradise!!
– Cindy

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