News from Akobo

**written on 10/25 by Cindy**
We are sitting by the Pibor river just in front of our guest hut. The stars are shining brightly and the full moon is rising with the reflection in the river. Tough life!! We arrived fine in Akobo at 3PM after a 4-hour boat ride from Nasir. It was a stormy, cloudy day but fortunately we only had sprinkles a few times – even that stung your face with the wind and fast boat. It is cool this evening! I’m sitting here with my sweater on. After the other sweltering days I didn’t think I would be cool in Sudan.

While we were in Nasir, we were given a bull!!

Pete with bull given in Nasir

Then in Akobo we were given another bull. We are gathering our herd here in Sudan but so far we only have bulls!! We will have to decide what to do with them. The one given today had its horns painted blue and yellow (Swedish)!!

In the pictures below, you can see us dressed up. I got some nice beaded jewelry. We will see things tomorrow and maybe start heading back to Malakal tomorrow but it will take a few days since we will stop a few places on the way for the night.

Cindy and women from Akobo

Cindy & Pete dressed with gifts

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