Des Moines half-marathon

October 19 I ran the Des Moines half-marathon with Mike Luepke, former Covenant missionary to Zaire and Cameroon.  Mike and his wife Gwen live in Des Moines where Mike is a doctor.  Race day was great weather, about 50 or so.  Mike and I started farther back in the pack of ~6,500 than we would have liked so had to work our way around a lot of people to settle into the pace we wanted.  We hit a good pace and kept moving forward and even catching up with some of the pace setters.  Cindy and Gwen moved around the course andn cheered us on 3 times.  What fun!!  Coming to the end I was feeling great and told Mike I was going to start kicking.  I did the last mile in under 8 minutes.   Final time:  1hr, 53 min for 8 min 37 sec/mile average.

Here are some photos:  half-marathon photos

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