Itineration reflections

Itineration has gone well for us this fall.  In October through mid-December we visited 10 of our supporting churches in Nebraska, Iowa, Minnesota and Wisconsin.  We preached and spoke to Sunday School classes, confirmation and youth groups.  In NE we were invited to speak to the public school for a 3rd grade class and HS world geograpy.  The HS kids got interested when we talked about creative text messaging that some Nigerians use to say “I love you.”  In WI we heard the Right Reverends in concert at Clear Lake’s HarvestFest.  Fun!

Each visit was special as we were able to reconnect with many friends as well as make new ones.  That is the treat and pleasure of traveling and speaking – connecting with friends.

We were also priviledged to connect with several former missionary colleagues.  While in CO for the Midwest Pastors’ and Spouses’ retreat we were also able to connect with 2 of Pete’s cousins and a great aunt and uncle.  What a blessing!

For some photos go to Pete’s facebook page or click on this link: Colorado trip photos

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