Jury Duty

Dec. 10 I had to report for jury duty.  I had received a notice in October that I was selected for jury duty during the next 2 months.  One case in November was resolved before we had to report.  I reported as requested at 8h45 and found a couple people I knew amongst the 30 or so sitting in the courtroom.  While I was not thrilled about the time actually being on a jury would take, I also reflected that it would be educational to be selected because my only acquaintance with how court cases played out was novels, TV and the news – probalby not exactly the places to get my only impressions.  As 9 AM came and it was time for the trial we were informed that the judge was “attending to other matters” in his chambers.  At 9h15 we were told that the case had been resolved with the defendent pleading guilty and we were free to go home.   So I didn’t get the opportunity to experience a jury trial.  I did get the standard compensation for the day, $30.

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