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Our church family

I love our church, it is a welcoming place, a place where we can worship God and learn more about how to navigate our everyday life with God at the heart of it.  I love the crazy diversity, with all

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Back 2 Eden news

We have a new friend of Back 2 Eden, our ag project.  Her name is Jadene, and she’s been volunteering in the nursery and the orchards.  She’s in between jobs, having taught science and then visited Thailand with her husband. 

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Quick, honey, stop! I want a papaya!!!

Sorry this is so blurry, but it’s pretty comical.  Someone doing EXACTLY what the sign prohibits, right next to the sign!  People have sold mangoes, squash, and papayas along the freeway for a long time.  Yes, I said freeway.  We’re

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Gretta comes once a week to clean our house, as well as our kids’ house and the Titus Garage  office.

She is a sweet and funny lady, but she struggles with the English language.  We’ve had some funny conversations, and

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Happy 14th birthday, Genesis Care Centre

What a blessing to be able to work at the Genesis Care Centre , helping out in the nursing director’s office with whatever lightens their load of work.  I also love going in to the wards and just visiting with

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Unrest continues, in spite of peace talks

Twice over last month, our Fulani cattle caretaker, “I”, had to move the cattle off the CEFA farm to safer pastures, as the bandits/rebels of months’ past are back again.  I’s wife and children have now moved back across the

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Saying goodbye to our buddies

Our dear friends and colleagues in Fulani ministry, Jan & Kim Cone, will be leaving Central Africa in mid-March, starting their retirement years.  They have written such lovely but poignant stories of their goodbyes to dear Fulani friends, and I

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This frog was sitting at about eye level on our door for a good 4 days.  Maybe it’s used to South African time, laid back and letting go.  Running late?  No worries.  People expecting things of you?  No worries.  You

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