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The vet in action!

blog Denise the vet

Denise was able to actually hang out with some cattle today, getting a small taste of what it might be like if she and her husband come to stay in a couple of years!  Unlike most of our Fulani friends …

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In the village

blog trees to village

Our visitors were able to visit a few villages where ag co-ops are active.  They delivered trees and saw gardens and orchards.  It is a great encouragement both ways when we have people from the states come and see firsthand …

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blog around the campfire

Ok, don’t you just think you should hear Kumbayah with a bovine moo-accent?  Where are the marshmallows?  These are CEFA cattle and I guess their herder wants them to keep warm.  That big brown guy is sure giving us …

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Ramadan is over!

blog Ramadan is over

What joy our friends express when the month of fasting is over.  They welcome us with smiles and hot sugary tea and when we got to my friend H’s house, a hot meal was provided, accompanied by constant urgings – …

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Our visitors are here!

Dave, Eric, Mark, Roy, and Denise arrived safely in 2 taxis Monday afternoon.  They are all good sports, taking bumpy, dusty roads with a bit of hassling from officials along the way in stride as well as being willing to …

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