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R n R

We are at the beach, under advisement from our regional coordinators, for a bit of time to be away from the tensions of the last few months.   We are thankful for this beautiful place to relax.   We will not have …

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Josh, Lori, and Charlie!

Oh, what fun!  We had a super 2 days with the Shinars, and I can tell you honestly that though we miss them at Gamboula, it was wondrous to see them shine in this new place of ministry.   Josh was …

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What??!? A GPS in Africa?!?!?

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We were trying to get directions from a friend to drive up north in Cameroon, on roads we hadn’t been on before.  His printer was not cooperating, so he offered us his GPS.  What?  Yes, that little Garmin had Cameroon …

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Refugee camp at Lolo

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We were able to visit the refugee camp just north of our Cameroon border town when on our way to Yaounde last week.  It is a huge place, and I didn’t have much hope of running into anyone that I …

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