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Whoo hooo!!! Internet out at the farm!

Thanks to Josh and Timothy and Marius and their tree climbing adventures, we have internet available in our house out at the farm, 3 miles over hilly terrain from the satellite dish.   Josh masterminded a plan to attach a relay …

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Cutie pies

blog Pcutie patuties

These two are sporting the latest in hairdos, as my mom would’ve called them, hairdon’ts, well, that is, if I tried it with my white girl hair.  Oh, but they’re cute, eh?

blog cutie patouties2

These three were on their way somewhere FAST …

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Wow! Thank you Lord!

blog 8.13 wow!!! thank you Lord!

Gifts for the eyes and the heart come every day, if we just look about us.

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Bees, bees, bees

Hurray!   Timothy was able to get a whole hive of bees, who were amazingly and thankfully the mild mannered sort, they didn’t even divebomb attack him when their tree home was chopped down and hit the dirt.  He was able …

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Progress is slow but sure on our house out at the farm

Planting and other construction have been a priority recently at the farm, but cupboards and bookshelves and windows are all being worked on, slowly but surely by one carpenter, at the two Covenant houses.  We would not have been able …

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Busy at the hospital

I’ve been helping at the hospital, reorganizing the operating room suite, now complete with a coffee break staff room.  I’m planning on doing an in house refresher course on the basics of the O.R., ‘cuz there’s lots of funny stuff …

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A new colonel, and thankfully it is still peaceful

Thank you for your prayers – our old colonel got transferred to a place closer to the capital and it sounds like, needier for peaceful control.  Our new colonel seems to be following in peaceful footsteps, no hassling or anything …

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