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Merry Christmas!!

Today at the hospital we gave out presents to all the patients. We gave them a bed sheet, sardines, soap, and rice. The hospitalized kids each got a nice but used stuffed animal or doll. Now, maybe those wouldn’t necessarily …

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Electricity and water woes!

I could post a bunch of sad faces lined up at a none functioning water faucet, or nurses giving meds by kerosene lantern, or seedlings in the nursery drying up… suffice it to say we’ve got the utility blues here …

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Independance day parade!

Independance day in this country is December 1st, but the local authorities decided that it should be celebrated on the 11th for reasons unknown to the general population. What they say goes, so the parade happened a week and a …

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Facing Goliaths

We had a couple of good meetings this past week, with me sharing about David & Goliath, and Nadege sharing about a recent trip she made to northern Cameroon to learn about co-operatives that are working really well. The women …

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Sweden wins again!

We get an “analytic” of visits to this blogsite every Monday. It has graphs and statistics and some percentages I can’t even begin to understand, but it does quote some basic very understandable facts as well. I just want to …

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Celebrating women

We had a lovely time during a church service in which the women’s group at a neighboring church celebrated their members’ accomplishments. What joy they all showed at the different achievements. One lady, probably 55 or so, proudly counted to …

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Recessive genes and local healers

One of our good Fulani friends asked us to drop in and see her grandson with a broken leg after our Thursday meetings a couple of weeks ago. The 4 year old had been roughhousing with his friends and siblings …

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Walking in a morass of dogs!

My friend, Susan, and I walk down the hill to the river (about a 3 mile hike) a few afternoons a week. We enjoy the time to chat, and sometimes we get into deep discussions, but most times we just …

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Brooms revisited

The ladies at our Thursday meeting keep on making brooms – there must be a constant demand for them. They do wear out when you sweep the dirt clear around your house daily. I thought I’d send along some pictures …

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December prayer requests

Dear family and friends,

Thank you so much for taking the time to read these over and pray with us and for us. November was a wonderful month for us:


A fresh water well has been drilled at CEFA…

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