A bridal shower

What a crazy way to have a bridal shower – no sign of the bride to be anywhere! She’s in hiding while we all have a great time! Jan Cone & I arrived to the mother of the bride’s home, and the house was empty and the yard was a muddy mess. Soon the house was packed:

There were little boys on the outside, looking in:

Then we all filed outside, and gathered around the pile of gifts, and they began holding up each gift, whether it be a set of dishes or a hanky or a coin, each gift was acknowledged with a flourish:

One of the in-laws was handing out gum and cola nuts – you could chew and get a taste of sugar or you could chew and get a bitter burst of caffeine:

There was an amazing mound of gifts – pots & pans, suitcases, clothes & shoes, dishes and hankies, etc.:

There were a few grannies who were dancing and laughing and they kept putting old crummy junk up (useless lanterns and buckets full of holes, etc.) with the gifts and making everyone giggle:

Finally, the whole group carried the gifts on their heads over to the bride’s new home, where her in-laws and co-wife/wives were to arrange the gifts to welcome her to her new home. The mother of the bride and her youngest daughter were the only ones left behind with us. She served us some tasty macaroni and meat with sugary hot tea, and we visited for a bit. We could sense her relief that it was all done:

Blessings on the bride, who we understand is marrying into a 2nd or maybe 3rd wife position.

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