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This new year has brought a new change in ministry for our family.  The Covenant Church of Ecuador (IPEE) has continued to see many transitions and changes throughout this past year with our new leadership.  Just recently, Chris was asked to step into the role of interim rector or director of the seminary program.

Chris has been involved with pastoral education since we arrived, mostly in the role of professor teaching classes during intensive weekends.  IPEE does not currently have a residential seminary and has been working on ways to best equip and train leaders while recognizing that most pastors are bi-vocational and being able to commit to full-time study is just not a reality for most within the Covenant here.

We prayed a lot.  We talked to our mentors and ministry partners.  We sought the direction of Serve Globally.  We weighed the partnership implications of us saying yes and the partnership implications of us saying no.  We sat with it.  We wrestled with where we would need to pull back in other areas of ministry if he were to take this position.

After affirmation from many others and hours and hours of talking it out, we responded with a yes to the request of our national church partnership.  However, it must be said that none of this is yet set in stone.  The asamblea nacional (annual meeting) of IPEE will happen February 16-18 and we expect to hear then if this temporary plan will have approval from the church at large.

Our prayer from day one of setting our feet down in Ecuador once again is that we would be faithful – whatever that may come to look like in our different seasons of ministry life here.  So we ask you to join us in that prayer.  That we would be faithful to what we are being called to do and who we are being called to be, and that we would have the wisdom to know what the next faithful step is.  We ask that you would join us also in praying for IPEE.  That this asamblea coming up would be a time of fruitful vision for the future and celebration of what God has done through this church in the past.

We will keep you updated on this unfolding new adventure and all that it will mean for our family in the months to come!


working in the seminary office

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  1. Lana

    We will be praying for you all and the IPEE! xoxo, The LeGrands

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  2. Bev Eloge

    Praying. And wow! ❤️

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  3. Natasha

    What an amzing oportunity and i think a perect fit.

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    • hoskins

      Thanks, Natasha! Hope you are well! Love seeing photos of the new updates with your family. Hope you are all settling in as a family of 4!

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  4. Jamie

    Thanks for the faithfulness Hoskins! Chris – what a dude looking Prof. you are! 🙂

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