“I’m so ashamed to be an American”, were the words out of the mouth of the 8 year old a few weeks ago. “Tell us more”, we responded. “Well, we killed all the Native Americans and made black people slaves, and still today things aren’t right for either of those peoples. Women aren’t treated fairly and we make things hard for people all over the world because we are greedy. And! Donald Trump could be our next president!” Oh the delicate dance of teaching our children to lament, to do the work of seeing history through the eyes of the oppressed, to courageously confront their privilege and fight for justice for all, to be filled with gratitude for where they come from and to value without a doubt who God created them to be. Our absentee ballots were sent off weeks ago and today we will pray for our country and take time to name those things we are grateful for. And in the words of @glennondoylemelton, at the end of this day may we all remember that “we belong to each other”. All of us. Every last one.

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