we’ll get by with a little help from our friends

Before we go any further, we need to say a huge thank you to our dear friend, Hannah, of Hannah Eloge Creative.

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Hannah so kindly offered to take photos of our family and help me with a design for our blog and partnership cards.  Our kids probably would have appreciated it if we would have found a warmer day to take said photos. However, they were troopers and pretended not to be too annoyed with me and the quest for a photo without the parkas that Chicago winters demand.  So grateful for Hannah’s partnership with us and offering up her amazing talents in order to support our family’s journey to Ecuador and ministry there.  She is so super talented!

So on a Saturday when Hannah’s husband was buried in books studying for a med school exam,  she and I hunkered down in her home office with coffee and a plate piled high with chocolate chips cookies and I watched her creative genius unfold.  Design and photography are so intriguing to me and I hope to learn more.  But while Photoshop remains a compete web of mystery and confusion to me, I was happy to glean whatever little bits I could from my afternoon with my friend.

As I watched Hannah work, I was reminded of how the creative process can sometimes seem slow, at least while you are buried in the middle of it.  However, the end result is so worth the process.  Good, also, to remember that we serve a creative God who is still at work in and around us.

Check out photos from Hannah Eloge Creative and an interview with our family on her blog.

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  1. Hannah

    This made my day. I LOVED being able to help. You guys mean so much to us and we love walking through life with you! Xo!

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