Full Circle

In 2004, I (Katie), met pastor Jorge Gonzalez for the first time. Julio and I had gotten married and we were living in Medellin. Jorge was the pastor at Fuente de Salvacion Covenant Church in Itagui, where Julio had done an internship for his undergrad in Bible and Theology at the Biblical Seminary of Colombia. Jorge was Julio’s mentor as Julio was teaching a group of students who were going through the Covenant’s lay leader’s training program. 

Our first two years in Medellin we got to know Jorge and his wife Sandra really well as we lived just two blocks away. Even after Julio finished his internship, we continued to be a part of the Fuente de Salvacion Church community, serving in various ways. Julio worked with the adolescents and I taught class in children’s ministry.

Fast forward 19 years. Jorge and Sandra continue to be dear friends and we continue to worship with and serve in the Fuente de Salvacion congregation. We have lived a lot of life together and have supported each other in the good and challenging times. Jorge had dreamed of receiving formal theological education and just 3 years ago he started at the Biblical Seminary of Colombia, in the same program Julio had studied all those years before.

Traveling together to the youth camp and FIPEC annual meeting

it has been challenging for him to be a full-time pastor and full-time student, while being present to his wife and two kids. Jorge was able to study due to a scholarship that was made possible by the “Equipping Leaders through theological education” project. He is in his last year! Julio has been supporting Jorge, by preaching occasionally and Katie has been working with training children’s ministry leaders. 

It has been amazing to watch how God has worked in and through Jorge, taking on Julio as a young intern almost 20 years ago, and now living the dream of finishing his own education. Pray for Jorge in this full season of life. 

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