Celebrating with friends

This weekend was full of celebration. On Saturday we witnessed 12 students receive their certificate in Bible and Ministry from the Ministerial Institute of Medellin (a ministry of the Biblical Seminary (an additional student finished but was unable to attend the ceremony). 

This is their 4 year studying together and this year proved to one of the most challenging. The level of study and the requirements were more demanding as it was another level of studies. Julio and I both had the opportunity to teach courses and all we can say is that this is a tremendous group of people. It was an honor to celebrate them, their accomplishments and God’s faithfulness. Join us in celebrating these students. 


Julio had the honor of sharing a brief message during the graduation. He focused on Romans 12 and the distinct ways we are transformed by God’s Spirit and live out this transformation in our daily lives. Yes, this is one of the few times you will see Julio in a suit and tie.

And what a joy it was to have with us the President of the Colombian Covenant Church, Luis Barrientos. He was a witness to the ceremony on Saturday and joined us on Sunday for another celebration at our home with the majority of the 13 students. We ate dessert, listened to their experiences, and Luis invited them to be a part of the continuing process of strengthening theological education in the Covenant Church. One thing was clear, this is not an end for these students, it’s another step in their formational process. All of them want to continue to study and also serve in the theological educational process. 

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