That’s a wrap

Well, a week ago I posted about the finish of our home assignment and now it has disappeared. So, let me tell you again. We have finished our almost 3 month home assignment! Here are some stats that we figured out about our time in the USA.

  • We were in 5 states.
  • We visited 14 supporting churches
  • We stayed in 15 different places (homes and hotels)
  • We borrowed or rented 5 cars
  • We took 2 trains
  • We ate A LOT!

The second half of our home assignment was spent mainly in California, Arizona and Minnesota. Our boys were so gracious and patient with all the moving around and meeting new people. We were so glad they got to go back to MN early with Grandpa and Grandma and have some downtime.

We are grateful for the time spent with friends (in many cases around a dining room or restaurant table). The congregations we visited were warm and supporting. We got to worship, preach, and share in both English and Spanish during the course of Home Assignment. Julio visited and shared at a men’s group, reconnecting with men who had come to Colombia several times to serve. Our boys visited several different youth groups and met new people. We reconnected with friends we hadn’t seen in over 5 years.
We finished our home assignment encouraged.

Thank you to all those who hosted us, listened to us, shared with us, made time to have a meal with us, and made us feel welcome. We loved the creative ways churches made space for us to share our lives, ministry, and stories of friends and colleagues in Colombia. One night in Arizona, two supporting churches came together to support a Taste of Colombia. There were desserts, coffee, and even a Colombia themed Jeopardy game.

Please keep us in your prayers for this next season.

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