Intergenerational worship

The children’s ministry leaders at Shalom Covenant Church went all out to celebrate the day of the child and engage families in the celebration. On Sunday, I (Katie), had the opportunity to join them in this celebration and leading in an intergenerational teaching time. The theme was “I am special. I have value” and the whole service echoed this theme.

Gone were the rows of chairs and people were invited to sit together as families around tables. Snacks were put out as people gathered and conversation hummed throughout the sanctuary. The children led in song, prayer, Scripture reading and Scripture reflection. For the teaching time we explored the theme together through activities around tables, reflection questions, reading Scripture, we saw how special and unique each person is. The kids, youth, and adults interacted and at times it was hard to quiet them down, but in a good way.

The last activity was one of using creativity and materials provided to make a representation of yourself, and the things that make you unique and special. Wow did they have fun! Some of the old adults commented that they hadn’t had the opportunity to do something like this since kindergarten. There was so much joy in the room as they worked and talked together. To be honest I think the adults got into it as much as the kids.

It was fun to have several of them come up front and share their creation with the group, including an adorable 2 year old and his cousin.

Amazingly enough, the leaders were only expecting 50 people as that has been the weekly average. However, 100 people came and participated! I’m grateful to have been a part of the celebration.

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