Praying for Barranquilla

In the past weeks, we have seen the number of Covid 19 cases spike in the city of Barranquilla and the surrounding municipalities, including Soledad where there are Covenant churches and elementary schools.

This morning I talked with Jader, the director of the association of Covenant schools (FUSPA) in Barranquilla, and he asked me to share with you the situation they are living. There has indeed been an outbreak of Covid 19 in their communities. The culture on the coast is one of community, being out and about in the streets, being in close proximity to people, ect. This, combined with more lax restrictions and more people continuing to gather, have lead to this outbreak. They are now under strict quarantine, but not everyone abides by it.
This has affected people we know in both schools and churches. We are aware of a few teachers or family members that have tested positive for Covid 19, while others have symptoms but have not yet been tested. Getting tested is quite a challenge, as is getting the results. ┬áSince March, education has been virtual and the students have been doing school at home, with teachers working from home, which has its own complications for many in these areas don’t have access to internet. However, given the circumstances education will continue this way for the foreseeable future.
Please pray for the community in Barranquilla and Soledad. For the teachers, the students, school directors, pastors.

This picture with the teachers of the FUSPA schools was taken on one of my previous trips to Barranquilla

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  1. Just read the Cov email. I’m SO excited about the accessibility and the numbers of people who are taking advantage of the online theological training. Yahoo!

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