Team teaching

There is something so special about working in a team. We are all so unique and uniquely gifted, and when we can come together and build off one another’s gifts and experiences it is truly beautiful. As I have been serving with children’s ministry volunteers and leaders, one of my passions is to see them work together. We have so much to offer each other when we can collaborate. That is why it is so important to bring children’s ministry volunteers together from different churches, to create networks and develop a sense of unity and shared vision for ministry.

And that is what happened just last week on the south coast in the town of San Carlos and the city of Monteria. I had the opportunity to travel to spend time meeting with volunteers, leaders, and pastors, and to offer some practical workshops for children’s ministry volunteers. However what made this trip special was that I did it in partnership with a gifted teacher from Bogota. Maria Eugenia is the director of the “Hope Covenant Foundation.” She is also a co-pastor at the “Children’s Church” in Bogota, in a marginalized community working with at-risk children. She is creative and passionate and has a wealth of experience and resources to share.

So together we taught as a team. We focused on the role of teachers in Christian Formation. We talked about creativity and preparing our teaching times. We played games, taught songs, did crafts, and listened to the valuable men and women who are so faithfully serving in children’s ministry on the south Coast. The learning was reciprocal. And the desire was expressed to keep finding ways to collaborate and work together. It was a packed two days, but the opportunity to do it as a team created energy and sparked creativity.

Maria leads singing during our time with children’s ministry volunteers from San Carlos and El Hato

A gifted teacher and artist

Children’s ministry volunteers from the three Covenant Churches in Monteria

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