Rain, rain, and more rain

We have had what feels like months of rain. Rain in the morning, rain in the afternoon, and rain throughout the night some times. Today the sun came out and heated things up for a little bit, but then once again in the afternoon the sky turned dark as the clouds rolled in and the rain fell. Today’s rain storm was so intense streets were flooded and power knocked out in some neighborhoods. As I came down the mountain from an afternoon of ministry, I was grateful for the Metro that took me across the city without delay as I watched the standstill traffic on the streets. The Medellin river keeps rising and in other parts of the country flooding continues to force people out of their homes.

Please pray for those who have been affected by the flooding. There are some critical situations in towns along the Cauca River, especially in Puerto Valdivia where there are some issues with water and flooding in the hydroelectric plant that is being built. Thousands of people have been evacuated and are in temporary shelters in other nearby towns. Pray for rains to stop and for the situation at the hydroelectric plant to get under control.

Here in Medellin, after the rain storms we have had some pretty spectacular rainbows and sunsets. After such grey, wet days these colorful skies are very welcome. These are a few of my favorite pictures from this last week and reminders of God’s goodness and faithfulness even in difficult circumstances.

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