Celebrating Christmas

Christmas in Colombia is special. The month of December is one of friends and family coming together to eat, share, laugh, pray, sing. We look forward to the ways that we are able to share with those around us. This year Katie lost count of how many cookies she made, but it was somewhere around 500. We had a full house of teenagers one night learning how to make and decorate cut out cookies…wow what a fun night that was! They then shared the cookies with the church community that came together to celebrate Christmas – another memorable night as together children, youth, and adults we told the story of Jesus’ birth together. During the Christmas celebration the children led us in carols and Katie led the congregation in an intergenerational time of learning and sharing. To top it off Katie’s parents were able to join us for the celebration. The good news of Jesus’ birth, the prince of peace and God with us, this is what motivates us to serve.

A special Christmas day as we hosted Katie’s parents, our dear friends from the Biblical Seminary, and new friends from Minnesota!

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