A day to play

Even adults need time to play! Our friends here who are pastors work so hard. They are dedicated to their congregation and serve in a multitude of ways. They are constantly on the go, officiating weddings, funerals, counseling individuals and couples, leading Bible studies, men’s groups, women’s groups, training lay leaders, leading social projects, preparing sermons. That is way it is a great way to celebrate the year together by getting away out of the city to be with family and play. This year pastors and their families spent the day at a beautiful finca about 35 minutes from the city. It was a beautiful hot day so the kids and adults enjoyed the pool and we enjoyed a typical breakfast and lunch, which included chorizo, chicharron, beans, rice, fried plantains. During the day we prayed for each other, exchanged gifts, chatted, enjoyed popsicles, played soccer and other games. There was a lot of laughter and I think all would agree that it was a good time to be together and play; to experience community .


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