Jesus loves me this I know

Many of us know the song, “Jesus loves me this I know.” A simple song, but a profound truth. What good news – Jesus loves me! This was the truth that seemed to resound in my heart and mind, as we met some precious children this past week who are a part of a ministry the Covenant church has in their community. The children filled into the spacious living room and they continued to fill the room until there were over 50 of them. The leaders of the ministry, volunteers, who have opened up their home to the children in their neighborhood introduced us to the children who ranged in age from 1-10 years old. I sat down on the floor to talk with some of the kids and find out their names and ages and a bit more about them. They were so eager to share and laughter filled the room. We were visiting with a group from Sacramento who was serving in the community that week building children’s ministry rooms in the church. That particular afternoon we had been invited to spend time with the children and we had a blast helping act out a story, singing songs, and working with them to create some beautiful picture frames that they would use to frame their pictures. Each child got his or her picture taken and printed out so they could take it home. I loved seeing the creativity of the kids as they made their pictures frames and the excitement in their faces as they were handed their pictures. One girl in particular made a point to show me several times her picture frame. She was so proud of it and it was beautiful. Then as she received her picture and put it in the frame she once again found me to show me. Her eyes sparkled. “Your frame is beautiful and you are so special. Jesus loves you so much,” was my response. I gave her a hug as she left the place and my prayer for her and each of the children was that they would experience Jesus’ love in very tangible ways. I pray that through the women leading the children’s group, through the people in the church, through the foundation that works in the community these children would come to experience the life-changing truth that they are loved.




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