A holy moment

It wasn’t flashy, but it was holy. Led by the worship leader and his guitar, we sang out our praise to God. In our imperfections and brokenness we recognized God’s goodness and faithfulness. I looked at my neighbors and saw the genuine worship, along with the tears. The┬árecovering alcoholic, the man who’s wife is suffering from a terrible illness, the recent high school graduate who comes to worship alone after her parents were killed in an accident, and the homeless woman who walked in off the street and started to dance in the middle of the room – together in the reality of pain and brokenness we find hope in the promise of a loving God who meets us where we are. And as were were worshiping God for who he is, there is no doubt that God’s Spirit was present and we were being formed, and changed, and brought closer together as community. Like I said, it wasn’t a flashy moment, but it was a holy moment.

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