To God be the glory

This past weekend as I prepared to walk across the stage and receive my diploma for the Master of Arts in Christian Formation, I was overwhelmed with thanksgiving to God. It has been a long journey to complete this degree, but the journey has been well worth it. I had always felt the desire and nudging of God’s Spirit to go to seminary. I first applied in 2002, but plans changed as Julio and I met and married. Then, as he was studying full-time in seminary in 2008, I just the nudge again to begin my studies. I knew it would be slow as I was working full-time, Julio was studying full-time and we had a toddler. I kept thinking the timing could not be more crazy. But, the encouragement I received from family, friends, co-workers prompted me to move forward. And so I began, with what was one of my most intimidating courses, Introduction to the New Testament with Professor Klyne Snodgrass. I loved the course and every course after it. God used this time at seminary to shape and form me, to help me fall more in love with God’s word, to equip me for ministry both in Chicago and Colombia, and to meet so many amazing professors and peers on the journey together. I often wondered if I’d graduate and now that I have I am aware of God’s constant provision and guidance all along.┬áTo God be the glory, great things he has done.

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