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I love watching people use their gifts to build up the body of Christ. I love watching people use their creativity to teach children. I love seeing people coming together to share ideas and learn from one another. Saturday afternoon we had another children’s ministry workshop for the churches in the Medellin metropolitan area. We have been gathering every 2 months to learn together and support one another as we serve the children and families in the Covenant churches. All of the training sessions have been dynamic, practical and enriching. This workshop was lead by educator and pastor, Henry Rodriguez. Henry is a talented teacher and is passionate about children encountering the love of Christ. He led our time together as we looked at stages of development in children and learning styles. It was really eye-opening to see the ways we have to grow in meeting children where they are at and engaging them in God’s word.


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The participants were broken up into groups and given a particular age group to work with and were told to focus on two different learning styles, as they developed a learning experience. The participants really enjoyed the time to work together and were inspired by what each person had to offer. There were people who had formal education as teachers and there were volunteers who had just begun serving in children’s ministry. It was a deeply enriching experience for everyone involved. And as much as we enjoyed the creativity of the participants and their diverse ideas about how to engage children in learning, we were all encouraged to really get to know the children in our churches; to listen to them, converse with them, encourage them, care for them, and pray for them. I’m really looking forward to the the next time we’re together on our 48 hour retreat in November.

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