Growing together

We continue to meet twice a month with a core group of people, interested in growing in their faith, sharing their faith with others and serving the community around them. These past couple months we’ve seen God’s hand in our lives in such tangible ways. This community has been a place for people to receive prayer, to receive encouragement, to connect and network with others, and to bring others to hear about Jesus.


Sharing a little about ourselves

Sharing a little about ourselves



Talking about what images/words come to mind when we think of “Kingdom of God”


The group has continued to grow as people have invited their friends to come and participate. We’ve been having great discussions and Bible studies lately related to the gospel, the Kingdom of God, what is a Christian, what is the church’s role in society. Several of the people who have been coming are new to church and are just beginning their journey of faith. This past week one of them said, “This is so good to hear what the Bible says. I just always thought it was about being a good person.”



Enjoying time to talk about life together


This is a safe place for people to ask questions, for dialogue to happen, for dreams to start. We are praying now for several of the members who are looking for jobs and internships. Another friend is finishing up Medical school and still others are seeking to be example’s of God’s love in their work places.

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