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Children’s ministry is one of the areas I am most passionate about. It has been a joy to serve in this area in Colombia and see how the churches are taking seriously their role in the faith formation of children and in the partnership with parents. We are looking forward to a new training session that will take place on July 21st and will focus on training teachers how to use the Covenant’s children’s ministry curriculum, “El Pacto con Dios.”  It is such a well written, creative, biblically sound curriculum that I absolutely love! I’ve been able to work with the curriculum now for years and train people in how to use it most effectively.

Because of my role previously in Ecuador, and now in Colombia, I received an invitation from a Covenant church to travel to Quito and spend a couple of days training children’s ministry leaders. Several churches gathered and there were between 15-20 people who attended the training. I am always in awe of the talent and creativity the people have when it comes to teaching. The first evening we were talking about our role in the faith formation of children and each group had to present something based on a biblical passage and we had everything from a drama, to a rap, to a symbolic pyramid.


Talking about the biblical basis for children’s ministry


A demonstration of how each person is important and necessary in the body of Christ.

A demonstration of how each person is important and necessary in the body of Christ.


The following day we focused on the “whys” and “hows” of children’s ministry, as well as on the use of El Pacto con Dios. It was a blast. People were able to role play and take the curriculum and plan a lesson to present to the other participants. It was a full couple of days, but it was so great to see the teachers in action on Sunday morning. It is obvious that they love the children they work with, which is the basis of any children’s ministry. Please continue to pray for the churches in Colombia and Ecuador as they seek to grow in the area of children’s ministry, especially focusing on training volunteers to work with children.



Using El Pacto con Dios to prepare a lesson



Experiencing a lesson



Teaching a lesson

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