Exploring Colombia

After an incredibly busy couple of weeks, we took advantage of the holiday on Monday to get away as a family. We were invited to the small town of Concordia to visit our friends coffee farm. It was a two hour car ride and the boys did fantastic. The scenery was breath-taking, as we literally went up and down the mountains. The roads were extremely winding, but we made it without anyone getting sick. We spent the afternoon in the town square, where the boys enjoyed jumping up and down the stairs and chasing pigeons. Our friends invited us to a lovely mother’s day dinner and we spent some time people-watching and drinking coffee in the town square.

The next day we drove 15 minutes out of town to our friend’s finca. It’s over 200 acres. It’s literally a mountain full of coffee plants. There are no words to describe the beauty of the surrounding mountains and valleys. We spent the day exploring, learning about the process of producing coffee, enjoying coffee, checking out the different birds and animals, as well as the fruit trees. The boys were crazy happy to run and play – the highlights for them were the talking parrot, the puppies, and the chickens.

It was so nice to have a day together to enjoy a new region of Colombia we hadn’t visited before.

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