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It has been about ten years since I, Julio,  first visited La Ye. From that first time, I knew it I would be returning in the future. Being there right after coming back from Norway where I lived for nine months helped to confirm that God wanted me to be in Colombia and serve in places like La Ye. La Ye is one the poorest area in Colombia. It is located on the way to the Caribbean coast of Colombia. It is a Covenant church that is been lead by the pastor Sandra who is one amazing women that serves God with a salary of 30 dollars a month.

The church has been in la Ye for about 12 years now. When I was there for the first time they were meeting in a very old house. For a while they have been working hard in order to have a good place where they can worship God and serve the community. Thanks to God and First Covenant Church of Sacramento, who has been coming down for the past couple years to help build the church building, La Ye has a new building.  I had the great privilege of serving alongside the Sacramento team two months ago helping to put the roof on. It was a amazing experience not only doing that but also getting to engage with the community. On December 15th I was invited to the inauguration of the new location and about 120 people attended to this great celebration.  Praise God that this community now has a great location where they can worship God and serve the community for God’s glory.


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