Celebrations and good-byes

This past week has been one of celebrations and good-byes. We celebrated Thanksgiving with our team mates and some visitors from the US, as well as the regional president of the Covenant and his wife. It was an awesome afternoon of eating and talking, complete with turkey, stuffing, potatoes, green beans and apple pie (made by your’s truly). It was great to be able to celebrate together.


Our team on Thanksgiving


On Tuesday night we had our last English conversation group with our neighbors, which also turned into a farewell party for our friend Erin who has been here and just left to go back to the States. Erin came in September to learn Spanish, immerse herself in the culture, learn about the ministries we’re a part of, help out, etc. The three months flew by and she made a way into people’s hearts. We love our group of neighbors and the times we get to share together. Julio was actually able to share a lot of his testimony and how he’s seen God’s faithfulness in his life. It was a great evening.

English Conversation group saying good-bye to Erin

Then Wednesday night we had over 20 people over for a cafe concierto (think coffee house atmosphere with music). Friends came early to help me to bake pumpkin bars, ginger cookies, corn muffins, dip with crackers, apple cider, coffee, etc. Then our friend, Santiago Benavides, who is an amazing singer/songwriter came and played for us. The atmosphere was great with the Christmas lights and the candles, but even better was the laughter and sharing that occurred. We had people come from our small group, our English classes, and even some neighbors. Santiago has an amazing way of telling stories and sharing about the love of God in a way that’s so profound and so simple. The gospel was proclaimed in so many ways Wednesday night and for that we are grateful.


Busy at work, making yummy desserts


All our hard work paid off and the food was a big hit


Enjoying time together


Check out music by Santiago Benavides and you won’t be disappointed


Even Sam was allowed to stay up and listen to a song


A night filled with music and testimony of God’s love


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