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So much of what we do and how we see our role is that of being an ambassador. Ok we don’t work for any embassy, but one of our privileges is being a bridge between cultures and between society and the church. We are overjoyed when we get the opportunity to share the gospel message with others and we are overjoyed when we can share with people in far away places how God is moving in Colombia.

Julio sharing at the morning workshop at CHIC


This past month Julio had the opportunity to travel to Tennessee and Arizona to be an ambassador for the Covenant in Colombia. He was invited to participate in a youth congress where more than 4000 youth from across North America and other parts of the world gathered to be challenged, encouraged, grow in their relationship with God and with others. The event, called CHIC, only happens every 3 years and this year an important part of CHIC was helping students build an awareness of the social justice issues that are in their backyard and around the world. In response they were able to roll bandages for Congo, help make quilts for men and women that live on the street, and give an offering that will help children in some of the most at-risk places in the world receive access to education. Covenant Kids is a scholarship program that works with social projects in  India, DR Congo, South Sudan, and Colombia, to help children in poverty receive the opportunity to receive an education and a safe place to learn.


Worship time at CHIC


While at CHIC, Julio was a part of a team of 5 people that were able to share every morning with a group of students how Covenant Kids is making a difference in the world and how they can partner with them. Julio had a blast with his team, including fellow Colombian and friend Monica Guerrero – coordinator of the Covenant’s association of social ministries in Colombia, and enjoyed the opportunity to hear about how God is at work in other parts of the world. Here’s a video of Julio and the other representatives who share a little about how hope is being cultivated in some of the most challenging places.


The team - Covenant Kids representatives from Colombia, South Sudan, DR Congo and India


On stage as Efrem Smith introduces the offering that will be taken


How amazing that on the last night of the event, the students and leaders took an offering and $127,555 was raised (the highest offering to date taken at CHIC). Praise God for the lives that will be impacted by the generosity and care of high schoolers. Even more amazing is knowing personally some of the children who will be impacted because of the scholarships they will receive. Education is truly key in breaking the cycle of poverty in these children’s lives.


Julio was also able to visit one of our partner churches in Chandler, AZ and had an incredible time connecting with congregation as he participated in small groups, Sunday school classes, sharing in the worship service and after the service as they hosted a “Taste of Colombia” brunch. Over 90 people attended the brunch and again it was a way to share the story of what life is like in Colombia and how God is restoring hope and peace. We’re looking forward to hosting a team from this church in the spring of 2013!


A Sunday School class at Hope Covenant Church

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