Un reencuentro


One of our favorite things to do as a group was sing together...so of course we brought out the guitar!

You know those moments when it seems like time has stood still? We had one of those moments this week as we had a reunion of sorts with people we served with 8 years ago. When Julio and I first got married and were living in Medellin, we met a young Norwegian couple who we clicked with right away. They were also serving the Covenant church in the area of youth ministry and together we began a leadership training of sorts for youth leaders. We began by meeting in their apartment 2 times a month with about 10-15 youth/young adults. This group became our extended family and we developed so many deep, lasting relationships as a result. When we left Colombia in 2006 we said good-bye to our Colombian family and our Norwegian friends (who also returned to Norway) and it was heart-breaking.


Friends Henry and Joel


Julio with Leonel and Yamile

Three years ago this Norwegian couple moved back to Colombia to serve in Bogota and they now have three little kids. We’ve kept in touch and Julio has been working with Gordon in finding ways to strengthen and enrich FECEMPEC. Now, just as we come, they are getting ready to leave Colombia once again for Norway. We had the privilege of spending some time with them this week in Medellin. We got to meet their children and have them over to our home. The highlight, though, was gathering many of the youth (now young adults) that we had worked with so many years ago for a reunion (reencuentro) of sorts. It was a fantastic night. Truly there are no words. To be together again, to laugh, to share memories, to sing together and pray for each other. God is so good! And it was as if time had stood still and the past five years hadn’t happened. Some of the people we hadn’t seen in years and it was like picking up where we left off. It was truly a special time and God was present. We thank God for the time we have now to work with many of these young adults in different areas of ministry. They are a testimony to how God can transform lives. I was so bummed when it was time to leave, but I know that we will have more of these reencuentros in the future and for that I’m thankful.


Enjoying some food together


More singing

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