Ministry highlights

Apart from staying at home with a child who’s recovering from surgery and moving into a new apartment, we’ve also been busy with different activities related to our ministry here in Colombia.

Julio traveled to Bogota for a quick 24 hour trip to be a part of an important meeting for FECEMPEC (the Covenant’s theological and biblical training institute.) Julio will be working with them to finish putting together the curriculum for a few of their classes, as well as collaborating in the areas of teaching as the need arises. He was encouraged and challenged by the work that has been done and that is still to do. There are so many details related to getting the right licenses for being able to function as an institute that can award certificates, etc. They continue to move forward and seek God’s guidance in this important area of leadership development.


Deep in discussion about what next steps to take during the FECEMPEC meeting

We had another gathering with the core team of people involved in the new church plant initiative. Every time we meet with this group we are so incredibly blessed and encouraged. God brought new people to the gathering and it was so amazing to see the way they were received into the group and really participated in both the social aspect of the gathering, as well the time we spent studying Scripture together. We studied the parable of the sower and spent time praying for each other, and for what God is doing in this city and how we are to be a part of it. These are the moments I love! These are the moments that God confirms that he has me right where I’m supposed to be.


Enjoying a yummy bbq together


Sharing reflections from our study of Scripture


Praying for each other

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