Change and more change


Julio preaching at a church in the Santo Domingo neighborhood


This time in our lives is one that is filled with changes. Everyday I become more and more aware of the changes and how they affect us. It’s in everything from our daily routines, to the way we cook and the way we drive, to the ministries we engage in.  The other day I tried to make a simple soup we made all the time in Chicago, but it did not turn out! Even after soaking the beans overnight they simply would not cook. In talking with people here, I’ve found the one necessary piece of cooking equipment in Medellin is a pressure cooker. They use it for everything!! So the other day I used it to make shredded beef and it worked perfectly.

Another change is that I used to work full-time in an office and Julio was home with the kids while he finished classes for his Masters. Now, I’m home most days and we take turns taking Sam to preschool and then spend the rest of the day in meetings, working on different projects, going out to look for apartments and cars. I, Katie, am a person who doesn’t mind change, but I’m also a person who likes routine. So, we’ve been trying to establish some new routines. Like stopping by the bakery on the way to Sam’s school to eat some buñuelos. We’ve been hosting friends in our home for dinner or coffee once a week, which is a new change we love – this is a huge part of our ministry as we begin to take steps towards solidifying a core group of people to lead the new church plant.


Enjoying buñuelos

It’s also been amazing to see how much this city and the churches have changed in the five years we’ve been gone. On Sunday we were able to visit the church we attended when we lived here before and it was amazing to see the growth that has happened and the new building they have built. When we attended the church, I remember that there was no space for children’s ministry in the building they rented so every Sunday we would have to walk the kids down a hill, across a busy street and over a couple of blocks to a preschool that loaned us space. Then, we would cross back over the busy street and walk up a very steep hill. Now, the church has two stories, and the whole bottom floor has lots of space for children’s ministry. Amazing! Also fun to see was that one of the boys who I had taught in Sunday School was now playing keyboards in the worship team. Love to see those kind of changes.


The new sanctuary at Fuente de Salvacion

While we are surrounded by change, somethings have remained the same. We have been blessed to come back to Colombia and pick up where we left off with our friends. I, Katie, have had the wonderful opportunity to share with my friend Luz Adriana, which has been such an encouragement to me. We’ve also enjoyed time with our friends Jorge and Sandra and their kids. Samuel has formed a quick friendship with Manuel and Maria Jose and constantly asks to go to their house. We have had time to sit and talk with our friends Henry and Diana, soul friends, who have raised two boys and are serving in so many ways at their local church, while they work full-time and Henry studies his Masters in Philosophy. These friendships and so many more have been God’s good gift to us in this time of change.


Enjoying an afternoon with my friend Luz Adriana

In this time of change we continue to cling to the promise of God’s presence and love. “The faithful love of the LORD never ends! His mercies never cease. Great is his faithfulness; his mercies begin afresh each morning.” Lamentations 3:22-23 (NLT)


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