Sometimes this period of transition feels like it will last forever. We’ve been in this phase since the beginning of December, when we began packing and getting ready to leave Chicago. We’ve been in Colombia for almost a month and everyday we’re settling in more and more. Still, this transition phase feels long…there isn’t an established routine yet, and we’re in the process of looking for our own apartment, getting the boys acclimated to their new environment, meeting new people and getting reacquainted with friends.  If you know me (Katie), you know I like routine 🙂 Still, everyday I thank God for the new opportunities we’re being given and I pray for the grace to take things one step at a time.

There have been many highlights over the past week or two. One major one is that we’ve been able to host people, which is something we were most looking forward to about our ministry in Colombia. We’ve had people over to the house for dinner and we’ve thoroughly enjoyed the time to catch up and dream about the future and where God is leading us. We’ve also had fun visiting friends in their homes. We’ve been well fed, that’s for sure!


Hosting a group of friends for dinner

Another highlight has been watching Sam start preschool. After his first official day, he got in the car and said, “It was a really good class.” Yeah!! We know it’s a big change for him, but we’ve been encouraged by his ability to adapt.


1st day of preschool

One of the things we love about the preschool is the green space where the kids can play.

We had the opportunity to visit with my (Katie) uncle who was here on business for a few days. How awesome to see family from the States and enjoy this beautiful city together. Of course we took him to one of our favorite restaurants, Crepes and Waffles. For us there is such joy in hosting people from the States and we hope to have more visitors in the future.


Enjoying a yummy dinner with Katie's uncle

It has been great to visit different ministry sites and see all of the ways the church is being the hands and feet of Jesus in this country. Julio had the opportunity to go to a home for boys and play soccer – definitely a highlight. These boys come from a very rough neighborhood and most of them don’t have fathers who are involved in their lives so they love to have “big brother” type figures to hang out with.


Julio showing off his skills

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