Go, go, go, go on an adventure


“Go, go, go, go on an adventure…” One of Sam’s favorite shows lately has been “Cat and the Hat,” and this theme song is one that kept coming to mind over the past two weeks. What an adventure we’ve been on! We’ve been amazed at how smoothly things have goneĀ  considering all of the logistics and details that had to be worked out. Julio counted and we slept in 8 different beds, in 7 cities. Yikes!

The first week we spent in Seattle, which you can read about in a previous blog post. The second week, Julio and I traveled to California. We have some amazing friends who watched our boys, and while it was hard to leave them we knew they were in great hands. Our time in CA started in Oakland, hanging out with Pastor Bobby Lee and people at Convergence Covenant.


Pastor Bobby


Sharing at Convergence Covenant


We met Bobby back in March and were blown away by his passion for the Gospel and his vision for ministry in the city of Oakland and the world. We were equally impressed by the members of the church we had the opportunity to get to know over dinner, during the Sunday service, and with the great couple who hosted us in their home. We were so thankful for the opportunity to share about our passion for Colombia and look forward to seeing how God continues to grow this partnership.

From Oakland we continued to Sacramento, via Stockton. It was great to see the Lockes who served short-term in Colombia and connect with other pastors in the surrounding areas who are genuinely interested in our ministry in Colombia. Our time in Sacramento was so rich! We stayed with a wonderful woman from Bayside Citrus Heights, who spoiled us and made us feel right at home. We met people who had recently been in Colombia and it was awesome to talk about people we know in common. We had dinner meetings, lunch meetings, brunch meetings, coffee meetings – yeah…we ate all the time! But more than our stomachs being fed, our spirits were fed by the great conversations and new friendships. Sunday was a highlight as we participated at all three services at Bayside Citrus Heights. We were blown away by the impact that church is having on their community. Our time in California concluded with a potluck – again there was great food and great company.


Amazing women we met in Sacramento


Visiting with a small group in Sacramento

We were so excited to be reunited with our boys…they seemed so much bigger and older to us. They were so happy and content and had enjoyed a wonderful week themselves. God is good! We are closer to our goal for leaving for Colombia!

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