A visit to Colombia

Last week we purchased tickets to visit Colombia later this fall. We are so excited! It’s been over a year since we were there last, teaching for 2 weeks at a discipleship school for young adults. This upcoming trip will be a time for us to visit Julio’s family and for them to meet Ben and spend time with Sam. Just last week we were finally able to talk with Julio’s mom via webcam¬† so she at least got to see the boys! It was a very special moment.

While in Colombia we’ll also have a chance to connect with¬† various ministry leaders and continue to talk over details of our future move to Colombia. As we’ve watched other friends move to their countries of service (Ecuador, Uganda, Spain), we’ve become more and more excited (and anxious) for our time to come. It still feels like forever away, but we know that time will fly by. We ask for your prayers as we are in a crucial time of building a support team and taking necessary steps to move forward in mission. It’s a funny thing trying to live fully in the present, while at the same time planning for the future. We just as for the grace to do it well!

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