Hope for Weary Worship Pastors

1 Comment » Written on December 9th, 2013     
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Matthew 11.28 - wearyby Matt Nightingale

It’s that time of year. In the Better Together forum, it’s not uncommon to read posts and comments that sound something like these:

  • “I am overwhelmed.”
  • “Our choir is really struggling and our concert is this Sunday!”

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Ready for Christmas?

2 comments Written on December 21st, 2012     
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Today’s post is written by Jo Anne Taylor, Music and Worship Pastor at Bethlehem Covenant Church, Minneapolis, MN.

The Waiting is almost over. The bulletins have been proofread and tweaked. The choir and the worship team have rehearsed. The …

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Happy Holidays?

6 comments Written on December 7th, 2012     
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Today’s post is written by Matt Nightingale, Director of Worship Ministries at Redeemer Covenant Church in Tulsa, OK.

I’ve been thinking a lot about the so-called “War on Christmas” lately. Here in Tulsa, it’s kind of a big thing. You …

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