Sharing Our Songs!

We’re working to develop and promote indigenous Covenant music – songs written in the Covenant church, that are an overflow of the missional life that we share. Through the Department of Christian Formation we are excited to start a pilot project of gathering and redistributing music written within our midst. Here’s how it works.

We’re looking for songs that can potentially become “theme songs” for various Covenant wide events. Each year we have a theme for our denominational events that flows out of our core values and theology. Send us any of your original songs that might support these themes. If your song is selected by the committee, it will be featured at the event, and a recording of the song will be distributed to all the participants so that they can take them back to their churches to the song can be sung in the local church.

Submit a song

The 2010 Midwinter the theme is “The Necessity of the New Birth.” Send us your original songs that flow out of that theme. We would love to hear them and pass the best songs on! Pass the word around! There’s a lot of “untapped” songwriting talent in the Covenant. We’re hoping this is a first step of many in helping to uncover some of that talent.

Rooting for you,

Andrew Thompson

of the Event Song Selection Committee

(A sub-committee of the Worship Commission)

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3 comments “Sharing Our Songs!”

Perhaps I missed this, but what is the deadline?

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Great question! We don’t yet have a firm deadline, (as you know, we’re trying this for the first time, much is still in development) but there does need to be enough time for the team to review content and forward it to Midwinter Planning. I’m assuming that means a deadline around the last week of December. But it never hurts to get things in as early as possible. There’s already been a number of songs submitted. Wow! God is raising up so terrific writers! The selection committee will have some hard choices to make trying to narrow it down.

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