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In my years as a worship leader, and in hearing the stories of hundreds of pastors and worship leaders, I understand that most preachers and worship leaders want one thing more than anything else in worship: We want people to participate in worship and experience God. That’s it. Budgets, technology, team talent, nickels, noses and numbers pale. We want to lead and serve an engaged congregation.

Here’s a lovely little article about participation. I hope you enjoy it. 

In our years of ministry together, the people of St. Timothy’s and I had grown from needing to understand worship in order to participate in it to needing to participate in worship in order to understand it. The congregation also determined that participation means being actively involved. We learned this together: God taught us when we entered into Christian worship as a mystery and gave God the first word.

Read the rest of Maundy Thursday by Craig A. Satterlee.

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I sent this article to family and friends, and we’ve all enjoyed and resonated with it. Thank you!

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