The Bleak Midwinter 2

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We’re in a deep freeze here in Colorado. It snowed overnight a few days ago, and on that same night, the temps dropped below zero and stayed that way for several days.

I like all of this for several reasons:

  1. The transplant Californians complain about the cold, while the native Coloradoans talk about the good old days, when it was always this cold and snowy (jk)
  2. The snow is crunchy under the tires and makes a midwinter noise that I like
  3. The snow stays white and fluffy
  4. There is frost inside the window panes
  5. I don’t have to work out, because it really is too cold to exercise outside, and I don’t have a treadmill
  6. I get to wear my ridiculously puffy down coat without sweating
  7. I get to wear the dark green Sorels that Dave bought me for Christmas twenty years ago
  8. We burn the fireplace all day long
  9. I feel useful, while little birds feast on the seed I put out
  10. The cold and snow slow me down, and I live in the present reality of Advent

On this note: Dan passed this on to us– An essay worth reading: The End of Advent. Here’s an excerpt:

More than any other holiday, Christmas seems to need its setting in the church year, for without it we have a diminishment of language, a diminishment of culture, and a diminishment of imagination. The Jesse trees and the Advent calendars, St. Martin’s Fast and St. Nicholas’ Feast, Gaudete Sunday, the childless crèches, the candle wreaths, the vigil of Christmas Eve: They give a shape to the anticipation of the season. They discipline the ideas and emotions that otherwise would shake themselves to pieces, like a flywheel wobbling wilder and wilder till it finally snaps off its axle.

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