Happy Thanksgiving!

We send you greetings on this day of special thanksgiving! 

Even though we aren’t in Japan right now, we’re excited to be involved in several things that we believe God is pleased with.  Here are some things we are thankful for in the midst of difficult times: 

Last March I (Andrea) was invited to present a seminar at the Pacific Northwest RJC Conference (Reaching Japanese for Christ). Since then I have also been helping plan the 2016 event, Jesus Through Japanese Eyes .  It has been a fun privilege to share this with old friends (Richard Nakamura,  language school buddy, Don Wright, a former missionary colleague and neighbor in Japan, and others.) Please pray that ALL will be challenged to see that the gospel calls ALL of us to recognize the insights others have into the love of God, and the limitations of our own culturally bound sight. 

RJCLogoBest2016 RJC Pacific Northwest Conference / Seattle   This brief video clip introduces the 2016 Conference theme through a greeting from the main speaker, Pastor Motoo Iwai.

I’m also involved in WAAA, a group that helps make life better for kids and families in the autism community here in Washington. There’s a luncheon on December 1st honoring individual and corporate advocates who have made a positive difference. This year Microsoft’s pilot employment program for people on the autism spectrum will be highlighted. Since about 1 in 68 kids is affected by ASD, and kids grow up, employment opportunities like this are greatly needed.

On the home front, my 88 year-old mother fell and broke her hip a week ago, so today is my first full day home in a long time. Surgery went well and she is now in a rehab facility on the other side of Seattle. I am thankful I was in Seattle to take her in to the ER and stay with her until my oldest sister arrived from Chicago a few days later. It was particularly sweet to read poetry , Scripture, and pray with her before she was taken into surgery, and be there when she woke up. However, distances and her physical and cognitive challenges make this a hard time for all.

Thanks for your prayers last month during our travels. Tim had a great trip visiting his sister Kris and her family as well as 5 of our supporting churches in the Chicago area. I had a great time with my doctoral study colleagues down in Cannon Beach, OR.

Pressing on with Jesus, wherever He leads,

Andrea, for all the Johnsons

A few photos from the past month….

Sculpture of Sacajawea, guide for the Lewis & Clark expedition, near Cannon Beach IMG_20151024_173602496

A state-side blessing – tried and true friends since 1983IMG_6445

Lilla & Sky on our trip out to “Bob’s Corn & Pumpkin Farm” near WoodinvilleDSC07085

Tim and his sister Kris taken at the recent wedding of their nephew.DSC06935

Sky’s soccer team, the Bothell Force, ended their season in 1st place in their divisionDSC07527

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