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Thanks for praying about our travels last month. Tim had a great 10 days in Minnesota at a Bible Camp and one of our supporting churches …. Andrea had a chance to attend our denomination’s annual meeting, “Gather 15”, and then spend a week with junior high campers in Nebraska. Here’s a photo and comment from Andrea:

CCBC blackboard

“After Gather 15, I attended junior high camp at Covenant Cedars Bible Camp. What a gem hidden in the cornfields of Nebraska! At the close of one of the evening meetings, kids were invited to pray, reflect, and respond to God around some questions. Here is one question (“What sinful practices do you need to abandon?”) and the very honest responses some kids chose to write. I was struck by “lying and giving up on Jesus.” How often do we lie about who we really are and what really motivates us? And how often do our shortcomings or our focus on what we want cause us to give up on Jesus, or at least not place ALL our eggs in the Jesus basket? God loves us, and welcomes us all into new and fresh life each day.”

We cherish your prayer work on our behalf once again this month as we find ourselves scattered on 3 continents and traveling in many places…


  1. Lilla left on a flight this morning at around 6 a.m. on her way to Knoxville, TN where she will join 5,000 other senior high campers for a week of fun, worship, challenge and play at an event called CHIC (Covenant High In Christ). We are praying that it will be life-changing for her in many ways as she considers her life and walk with Christ.
  2. Tim leaves for 3 weeks in Tanzania and Zanzibar tomorrow evening (7/12). He will be accompanying his mother-in-law Barbara Lundquist as she presents a paper at a music symposium at the University of Dar es Salaam. Other events include attending music festivals and performances of wagogo music in central Tanzania (a specific genre of music from that area). He’ll have a chance to see first hand several mission connected projects that have been supported over the past few years in the Chamwino area. While not directly related to our Japan ministry it is a wonderful chance to see God’s work in a completely different part of the world. Thanks for your prayers for safety and good connections / relationships on all fronts!
  3. Finally, with Sam visiting his girl friend Rachel in Adelaide, Australia (until 8/1) and Andrea and Sky holding the fort down here in Woodinville, we find ourselves scattered in many locations this month…. and looking forward to reuniting in early August. We’re so grateful for all these opportunities.

A few photos…












Sky’s 14th birthday, Sam at SeaTac  airport heading for Australia, Lilla’s 17th birthday party…. and us, celebrating 29 years together…. Lots to be thankful for!
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