July 2013 Monthly Prayer Bulletin

Dear Friends & Prayer Partners,

Greetings from hot and humid Tokyo! We’ve had a surprisingly cool start to the summer but as of this week…it looks like the heat is beginning for real. Drinking lots of water….

Thanks for your prayers for us over the past month. We’ve started some of the prep work up at Akagi Bible Camp….with more to come this month. Andrea is heading towards the end of her semester at the university…but has that trip to Chicago coming up soon for her own studies… and the kids have all enjoyed some of the summer sports camps that were made available at CAJ. Volleyball, tennis, wrestling, soccer, and basketball were all on the menu.

Sky Graduates from Elementary School

Sky and Mrs. Willson

On June 11th, the last day of school at the Christian Academy, they had a brief graduation ceremony for all the 5th graders leaving Elementary and entering Middle School. Sky was one of those celebrated.


Getting that diploma… and posing with his proud parents…

TimAndreaSkyGraduationA shot of Andrea and Sam at Sky’s graduation…

Andrea & Sam

Working up at Akagi Bible Camp

On June 27 and 28 we put in a new floor in one of the staff rooms and got a feel for some other tasks that are needed before camps start in August. We’re also having a two-day work camp on July 15-16. Thanks for praying! Here are missionaries Kyoung Ho Park and Jay Haworth, with Jay’s relative Andy visiting from California for a couple weeks. A good time of work and fellowship.

ABC Work



Birthday Celebration…

Let’s see, it seems like we’ve had birthday celebration pictures in this bulletin almost every month recently.


This month it was Lilla turning 15 on July 3rd. Here she’s opening her gift (a camera) as she gears up to join her brother Sam in that hobby of photography.


Prayer Requests for July

  1. Andrea’s summer schedule – (repeat request from last month) Andrea’s teaching at the university continues until the middle of July. Then, for ten days after that she will be in Chicago for “year 3” (the final year) of a certificate program that she will be completing in spiritual direction. Thanks for praying about her teaching, her own studies, and for trouble-free travel.
  2. Akagi Bible Camp – another repeat request… thanks for remembering us as we gear up for a great month of August camping. Please pray for safety, and for many young people to meet Jesus at ABC this summer. Please remember us especially on July 15-16 during our work camp.
  3. Discipling – please pray for me (Tim) as I continue – as well as hope to start some new – discipling relationships over the next few weeks. I’m praying particularly for 3-4 men who I believe could benefit from such a relationship (Of course, I always benefit a great deal from these friendships as well…)
  4. Sensitivity to God’s voice – something we all continue to work at. Please pray that we may hear ever more clearly how we are to walk and talk in the setting that God has placed us.
Tim and Andrea


As always, thank you so much for your support and prayer efforts on behalf of our family and the work we are involved in. We couldn’t be here without you.

Your partners in prayer and mission,

Tim & Andrea

(Sam, Lilla & Sky)

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