February 2013 Monthly Prayer Bulletin

Dear Friends & Prayer Partners,

I know it’s already halfway through February…. but we want to say hello anyway. And I guess it’s just about the right time to say “Happy Valentine’s Day!” God loves you, we love you…. and yes, thanks for loving us!





Yes, our big news this week is that a new website and mobile app for our Audio Bible Japan podcast are up and online. As we’ve shared with you before, this is a simple daily recording of scripture that takes one through the New Testament in a year. Our colleague Pastor Kogure is the host of the podcast and he shares a brief message or thought at the end of each day’s reading. The readings are done by his daughter, Akari Kogure, who is now a university student here in Tokyo. The podcast has been online and available since January 1 of 2010 but with a little better website and now a new smartphone app we’re hoping that many more folks who have not yet met Jesus Christ will be able to do so through this “hearing of the Word”. We’ll keep you posted. Please tell your Japanese friends to check it out!  Just click on the title above to visit the website (not very interesting if you don’t read Japanese) or click on the phone to get the download links for the App Store or Google Play. It’s free…

Japan Covenant Church Annual Meeting

Last Monday we held the annual meeting for our Japan Covenant Church. It was such an encouraging day for so many reasons. Testimonies of what God has done…and is doing… filled our time. We elected a new president (actually chairperson) who is exceptionally gifted and will be a great leader in the years ahead. Gary Carlson took photos and put together an article that you can see here.There’s so much more happening….but we’ll end here for today.
(For those of you who prayed with us last month, here’s a brief update.)
  1. Andrea finished up her courses last week. Once she gets her grades turned in she can breathe easy until the 2nd week of April when the new school year begins. 
  2. We’re still working with Lilla on various health issues and trying to strengthen her feet and ankles. Thanks for continuing to pray about wisdom and how to proceed.
  3. Our brother in the Isesaki Church who is struggling with cancer is still, to our great surprise, with us. We praise God for answers to prayer that we are experiencing, particularly in our relationship with his parents.

Your partners in prayer and mission,

Tim & Andrea Johnson

(Sam, Lilla & Sky)

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