October 2011 Monthly Prayer Bulletin

(photo: fall colors at the Akagi Bible Camp on 10/18/2011)

Dear Prayer Partners,

Just a quick note this month… We know it’s soon the END of October but we thought we would send off a note anyway. We sure appreciate your prayers on our behalf and want you to know that.

In this bulletin we thought we would just highlight a couple items about Akagi Bible Camp…. since we are now winding down the season there. As we shared in the September newsletter we felt God’s special presence and help throughout the busy months of July and August. Camps happened relatively smoothly and we especially saw answers to prayer in regard to the necessary volunteer help in the kitchen.

This Fall we have been able to realize another project that had been on hold for a couple years due to budgetary reasons. The oldest building on the campsite had sort of “run out of steam”. It was old when we purchased the camp almost 50 years ago (!) and the Lord has allowed us to use it every year since. We are so grateful for that. But it was time to take it down… and last week we were able to contract a local construction company to do the job. This will open up some much needed space for other activities and we are excited about various options for that space.

The old building before it was torn down...

This shot is taken from a slightly different angle but shows the new space that is left after the old building is taken out of there…

For a few more photos and videos of the demolition project you can follow these links:The English website for ABC:       Akagi Bible Camp

A few articles with videos:

“Saying Goodbye to the Kyu-kan”

“Demolition Completed”

“Fall Colors on Mt. Akagi”


  • Pray for Japan…Thanks for continuing with “big picture” prayers for Japan. Rebuilding, relief, and general encouragement are all part of ongoing efforts in the Tohoku region. For some recent reports on relief efforts from two of our colleagues please follow these links:     Gary Carlson’s report    /      Grant Buchholtz’s report
  • Pray for our Gunma ministry...
    • Preaching at Shibukawa and Isesaki churches each month. (both Tim & Andrea)
    • Andrea’s teaching at the Gunma Women’s University (each Wednesday and Thursday)
    • A special evangelistic outreach concert at the Shibukawa Church on Oct. 26th (Tim)
    • Music lessons and connections wtih 4 young boys at the Isesaki Church (Tim)
    • Praise God with us for the safe completion of the demolition of the oldest building at the Akagi Bible Camp last week.
  • Pray for our Tokyo ministry…
    • Thanks for remembering our children in their school life at the Christian Academy. Sam is loving chemistry and getting ready to start the winter wrestling season. Lilla is working hard in all her studies… she’s been enjoying volleyball this fall. Sky is working hard at spelling and reading! He has also joined a baseball team that meets weekly or so.
    • Worship / music leading on the 1st and 3rd Sundays at KBF (Kurume Bible Fellowship), an international church that meets on the CAJ campus. (Tim)

Thanks for praying for the ministry of Akagi Bible Camp and for all the other items we listed above. We couldn’t be here without your support.

Your partners in prayer and mission,

Tim & Andrea Johnson

Sam, Lilla & Sky


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