April 2009 Monthly Prayer Bulletin

(photo:  This is the group that gathered last week at the Akagi Bible Camp for a staff training session. Most of these folks will be involved in our camping ministry this summer.)

Dear Prayer Partners,

Greetings once again from our corner of the world. We’ve enjoyed hearing from many of you over the past month. Thanks for praying particularly for our growing relationship with the Brazilian Point Gospel Church and for our Gunma Harvest efforts. Those will be ongoing concerns and we’ll keep you informed as things develop.


  • March 20th – Tim visited the village of Nanmoku and joined Pastor Ichikawa and a member of their church (the Shimonita Christ Church) in visiting about 50 homes and distributing some brochures / invitations.
  • March 20th – Later that afternoon we had a chance to drive up to Mt. Akagi and stop in at the camp where a group of young people were taking part in some training. The Akagi Bible Camp has recently received a wonderful offering from campers back in the US and Canada. We are very grateful for that kind of support and are praying for God’s rich blessings on the camp and its upcoming 2009 program.
  • Many of our Isesaki Church members have been hit with a variety of problems recently – financial, health, tiredness from caring for aging parents, death of a family member, etc. Yet we thank God for a spirit of unity and encouragement when we gather.
  • On March 24th six of our members gathered for a special planning session for our upcoming Alpha course that will begin on April 14th. Even as we occasionally battle discouragement it is so exciting to see how God is giving us new energy for outreach as well.

A LOOK AHEAD AT APRIL…   please pray with us

  1. for our annual Easter afternoon praise service on 4/12. Our 5 congregations join together in celebrating the resurrection. May Jesus’ name be honored.
  2. for the Alpha Course beginning on April 14th. So far about 10-12 have said they will attend. Of these,  4-5 are not yet followers of Jesus.
  3. for Tim as he travels to Taiwan on April 28th – May 1st for a consultation of all our Asian Covenant Church leaders. A group of 6-7 will be attending from Japan.
  4. for Sam as he finishes up the 7th grade at CAJ, and for Lilla & Sky as they start a new school year on April 7th (5th and 2nd grades respectively).
  5. for Andrea as she begins her second year of teaching at the Gunma Women’s University.

We thank you so much for your prayers. Let us know how we can pray for you as well.

Your partners in prayer and mission,

Tim & Andrea Johnson

Sam, Lilla & Sky

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