November 2008 Monthly Prayer Bulletin

(Photo: Our October 13th barbecue along the Kanna River in Uenomura)

Dear praying friends,

Please forgive our lack of correspondence in October. Thanks to all who remember us in prayer….even when you don’t hear from us!


  • Our monthly meetings have continued in the village of Shintomura. We’ll be meeting again on Nov. 2 in the afternoon.
  • Andrea’s trip to Seattle in September was really good. She came back exhausted but pleased.
  • The ALPHA course seminar a few of us attended in Tokyo in September was well presented and we’ll keep you informed as to how we hope to develop that outreach.
  • On October 13th we had a barbecue along the Kanna River in the village of Uenomura. (see photo above)  About 20 of us (10 adults / 10 children) enjoyed the time of fellowship and prayer for this village. Mr. Aoki, who we have mentioned before and who lives in Uenomura was able to join us for a couple hours. For a few photos of the event go HERE. (sorry the photos are not labeled or identified but at least they can give you a bit of an idea as to the area and our event that day.)


  1. As mentioned above, we will be having another gathering in the village of Shintomura on Nov. 2nd.  We rent a small room in the community center…usually it has been just 5 or 6 of us. We sing, pray, open God’s word and beg the Holy Spirit for guidance. A children’s Christmas outreach is planned for Dec. 20th. A team of folks from the Isesaki Church will be going to Shintomura to help with this program.
  2. On Nov. 9th I (Tim) will be speaking and doing an outreach concert at one of our Covenant Churches in Chiba Prefecture. I would appreciate prayer for that day as it is a 2-3 hour trip each way. Please pray that God will use my words and songs.
  3. On Nov. 16th we will be splitting our Isesaki church into two groups for worship. One group will be holding worship in a home, while the other group will meet at the church as usual but in a slightly changed format. We are excited about the training that goes on when we do this but also about new things that God will do in our midst as we worship in new locations.
  4. Rikiya Hattori – this young man was baptized in August and we requested prayer for him in our Sept. bulletin. Please continue to pray for Rikiya as he is struggling with some health issues and we have not been able to meet for our discipling sessions regularly.
  5. Thanks for praying for Andrea in her busy teaching schedule which started up again at the beginning of October. May her life and words there on campus be a witness for Christ.
  6. Sam, Lilla and Sky are all doing well. This month the big event will be Lilla’s Ballet Performance on November 24th.  Lilla is performing in three dances so she is working hard and pretty excited about it. Sam is enjoying Fall soccer at Christian Academy in Tokyo and Sky is just busy being Sky…which makes Andrea and me quite sleepy by about 10 every night.

May God bring great peace and strength to each of you in your ministry as well. Thank you for praying.

Your partners in prayer and mission,

Tim & Andrea Johnson

Sam, Lilla & Sky

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